Puppy intro groom


We offer special price of £ 20 for our puppy intro grooms to help get your new pupies used to grooming because  is a big part of their lives.

Introduce your puppy to grooming at a slow and gentle pace …

🐾What does puppy intro include?

Shampoo & condition, blowdry & brush, nail/paw/pad trim, ears cleaned

🐾Can i help?

A new puppy’s first groom is very important and should be a pleasant and pleasurable experience. You can help your puppy get used to the grooming procedures at home by teaching him the basics. Gently touch him all over every day; don’t forget his paws and toes. When your puppy is comfortable being handled, you are ready to begin brushing and combing. 

🐾At what age can i bring in my puppy?

All puppies need to be fully vaccinated and package intro runs up to 6 months old

🐾Why do they need to be groomed proffesional so early? 

It’s best to start as early so your puppy can trust us.

Puppy intros helps your pups get used to the sights sounds & smells of the salon which In turn builds up a bond between us.

Grooming should be a fun& relaxed experience.

Don’t hesitate to contact us 🐾🧡🐶

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